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Richmond Men's Summer Six A Side Soccer League


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Rules & Constitution

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Six a Side Constitution

Richmond Men’s Six-Aside Soccer League

Additional Game Instructions


This is a recreational league.  Play in the spirit of the game.


1.              Six players only {on the field} per team including a goal keeper.  There are no offsides.   Kick-ins rather than throw-ins. You can not score directly from a kick-in.

2.              All direct and indirect kicks require the defending team to retreat 8 yards from the ball.  The attacking team can play the ball according to the laws of the game.  If players infringe on the 8 yards as a delaying tactic, they are to be carded for “Unsporting Behaviour”.

3.              When normally a penalty kick would be awarded, play will start with a designated attacking player, starting at centre, they will have 5 seconds from when they start their forward motion with the ball to take a shot on goal. Once the attacking player has released the shot they can not replay the ball. Once the keeper has stopped the shot or goal scoring opportunity, or time has expired, play will be restarted with a goal kick.  During this time all players are to be on the defensive side of the centre line.   If a goal is scored, then the game will restart with a kick-off.  If the keeper makes a save, outside of the penalty area, intentional using their hands, the penalty shoot will be retaken. 


4.              No tackles from behind are allowed.  Dangerous play will be penalized immediately with the appropriate card.


5.              Unlimited substitutions are allowed during the course of the game and only during stoppages in play and with the referees permission.  Players are to run & off the field as play will stopped only for quick changes.


6.              Teams can only sign a maximum of 20 players,  with a maximum of 14 dressed per game and named on the team list.  If you are carrying more than 14 players then their names need to be crossed off the list.


7.              Teams must field a minimum of 5 players per game.  If a team has 4 or less players on the field then the game is to be forfeited.


8.              The keeper must adhere to the same laws as per a regulation soccer game.


      9.         There is no tolerance for: foul, abusive or insulting language, no matter who it is directed at. 


      10.         Points:     Win – 3                        Tie – 1                         loss - 0   


Know the Laws and Instructions

of the Six-Aside game